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My Tab

Go, React, Milligram CSS

Judgement free alcohol consumption tracker * Stores drink data (ounces and percentage over time). Calculates standard drinks based on formula. * Updates average and total drinks dynamically based on date range selected. * Requests from client app (React) to server side app (Go) authenticated via JSON Web Token.



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Philosophy Club

Ruby on Rails, Semantic UI, TrixJS, CSS Grid, AWS, Devise, SweetAlertJS

A blog platform for my friend and I to share thoughts on the philosophy books we're reading. * Posts separated by month in sidebar. * Mobile responsive. * Full back end dashboard for authenticated users. * Add photos and markup within the post form editor. * Associate posts with books, and find all posts for a given book. * Continuous Integration & Deployment with Heroku



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Link Saver

Ruby on Rails, Nokogiri, Delayed Job, Clearance Authentication, PDF-Reader Gem

A bare-bones personal link aggregator. Features include: * Automatic old link deletion (if desired) * Fetches page titles and plain text previews * Featured & Read Now links * Favorites * Read-time estimates



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Flagrant Orange

Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Gibbon, ActiveAdmin, Audio Uploads with Paperclip, TuxedoCSS Framework

Website for the Portland band Flagrant Orange. Features: * Newsletter sign up using the Gibbon gem to connect to Mailchimp * Mobile responsive * Admin capabilities for band members to add shows, lyrics, and songs



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Utilities & Gems


A Ruby gem that allows you to write "object oriented HTML."


Go client for the Dog API. Makes requests easy!


Command line utility in Go. Quickly open and close the applications you use every day.

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